So you wanna rent a bike?

Drop in at Radziwillowska 19!



No matter how much time you have. You always have enough time to expirience different side of Cracow.


  • city bike
  • rear rack
  • bike lock
  • 3 hours of riding


  • city bike
  • rear rack
  • bike lock
  • 24 hours of riding


  • city bike
  • rear rack
  • bike lock
  • 48 hours of riding


You wan’t to see fine places in or near Cracow? We know city very well, so we have something special for you. We've created some tours around Cracow depending on time you have. You can download them on your phone and run in navigation apps on iOS and Android.

To download a map just click on the picture.


Our rental is about 400 meters from tram and bus stop: DWORZEC GLOWNY.
Tram lines: 2,3,4,14,20,24, 52
Buses: 124,152,154,352,424
If you are travelling by car use our map located bellow
or paste to your GPS our address: Radziwiłłowska 19, Kraków or GPS lcoordinates: 50.062925, 19.947074

To run our maps you need to download one of these free smartphone apps:

In addition, we have prepared for you two very short videos that will help you to download the map and start navigation on your smartphone with Android and iOS.

We have 10 very comfortable and universal city bicycles. They have everything you need. Three gears so you can pedal everywhere without sweeting. Set of lights so you can ride at night. Wide, spring-loaded saddle will make the ride comfortable. Chain cover and mudguards so you can stay neat. Rear bike rack so you can carry bottle of water or basket for picnic.
Yep. It’s enough to easily cycle in Krakow. Don’t be scared you don’t need to have legs like Tour de France contestant.
Fortunately no:) Our bikes have two brakes. To brake with front brake use your right hand. To brake with rear brake just push pedal to the back.
Drop in, say how many hours you want to ride, leave a deposit and have a good one!
That depends on how many hours you want to spend cycling. You can find all of our prices in price list in this link.
Of course! Every bike is equipped with rear bike lock. Additionally we will give you a proper bike lock. This way you can safely lock the bike wherever you go.
Whoopsy daisy! Drop in with bike. We will change the inner tube and give you extra 30 minutes.
We’re hope you’re ok! We promise we won’t be mad. Accidents happen at we know that. Depends on cost of repairing the bike we will cover that from all or part of the deposit.